5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Company for Composite Decking

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Everyone wants the deck of their dreams, but not everyone may take the time to search for the ideal composite decking company. That’s a misstep you should never make.

The longevity of your deck depends on the type of company you hire, so let’s take a moment to discuss a few qualities that you should look for in a company that would build your deck.

Great Reputation

Sure, a company may promise that they offer the best composite decking around, but what do their customers have to say about it? One of the best ways to find out if a deck company does a quality job is to check out testimonials and reviews. You may even consider asking friends and family if they have ever worked with the company and if they were satisfied with the job.

It is also important to look at a company’s reputation among other professionals in the same industry. For example, a first-rate contractor must have completed projects that have met professional agency standards for premium craftsmanship and compliance.

Proper Licensing

Would you like to ensure that your deck is safe? Well, a good way to find out if a company will build things to specification is to see if they have the proper credentials. Check with the company to find out if they have a license and insurance. If they can’t provide these things, it’s a red flag.


Even if the internet makes it easier to reach out to contractors all over a region, sifting through the choices to find the best may not always be easy. So, it is very important for homeowners who are looking for the best composite deck contractors in their local and surrounding areas to identify those that are already well established — particularly, those who have been singled out as specialists in building composite decks.

Fair Prices

It’s no secret, composite decking jobs can be rather costly at times. This is especially the case when you are having something custom built. However, this does not mean that you should have to pay an outrageous amount for your composite decking. So before signing a contract, make sure that the company is charging within the industry standards. It’s also a good idea to avoid companies that charge too far below the industry standards as this may mean that their work and materials lack quality.

Quality Materials

It’s important that you know what materials a contractor plans to use. Most reputable companies make this information available and easy to find on websites and brochures. Choose a company that offers materials that will last for a long time, and has contractors who can walk their customers through the process of purchasing the lowest maintenance materials.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when having a new deck built. The company must have a great reputation, have the proper licensing, be well-established, charge fair prices, and work with quality materials. If you’re interested in a company that has all of this and more, contact Timbertech.


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