An Easy Guide to Designing Home Decks According to Deck Contractors

Adding a deck to your home not only gives it personality, but it extends your outdoor area’s function and gives you many possibilities for fun. You can have success with deck design if you take these factors into account.

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Assess the Way You Live

You’ll know exactly what to put on your deck and how to design in when you first assess the way you live. Start with general basics, such as the size of your family. You’ll need a larger outdoor living space if you have a larger family, meaning you’ll need more materials. If you live solo, then you can save on space and just incorporate the essentials.

Ask people what they want out of a deck and they’ll give different answers. They may want it to be a place of solitude, where they can go relax and not be disturbed by others. If that’s the case, you’ll need deck contractors to build large walls that enhance privacy. Or, the deck may be strictly for family gatherings, involving cooking and socializing. These spaces will need to be large so that people can interact without bumping into each other.

Material Selection

There are many material options for decks. Instead of using traditional wood that is not the most durable, you may want to choose trex decking. This composite material is made from recycled wood scraps and plastic – making it a pretty eco-friendly option that comes in a wide variety of earth tones. Installing this material isn’t that difficult either because it comes in plank form, much like traditional wood.

Even better, composite decking has a smooth surface so splinters won’t be a problem. Because of its plastic consistency, composite decks are easy to maintain and are not subject to rot like traditional wood. All you need is to clean the deck from time to time, to remove dust and dirt which can collect on the surface.

Designing the perfect deck involves choosing the right materials and thinking about how you’ll use the areas. You can always consult with a professional deck contractor if you run short on ideas or need access to premium materials, designed to hold up and offer structural support that you and your family can rely on.


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