Common Composite Decking Problems and How to Address and Prevent Them

As a good alternative to wood decking, composite decking is made of plastics, wood fibers, and inorganic filler materials. It shares the same beauty and scent of natural wood but has one great advantage: it requires less maintenance.

Composite decking doesn’t need painting, staining, and sanding, which makes it perfect for homeowners who love the character of wood but don’t have enough time and budget for heavy cleaning.

However, just because composite decking requires less maintenance, it doesn’t mean you can completely ignore it. You still need to take care of it to prevent damages and extend its service life. To do this, you must be aware of common problems that this type of decking faces and know how to address them.

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Any type of deck surface will get dirt. The difference with composite decking is that you only need soapy water and a soft-bristled brush to get rid of dirt, leaves, bird poo, and other minor debris. There are composite deck cleaning agents as well, but make sure that the products are safe for the material you have first.

Wash your decking with the cleaning solution regularly to prevent the build-up of leaves, dirt, pollen, and bird poo, which may lead to mold growth if left ignored. This isn’t a heavy maintenance, so set aside a little time to do it.


Be careful of what you bring to the deck, since it’s harder to remove surface stains on composite material. In case you spill food or wine, wipe it off as soon as possible instead of letting it sit, which will be more difficult to clean.

However, if the stain is caused by something greasy and you’re not able to clean it fast, you may have to use a degreasing agent. A composite deck cleaning agent is another option if soap water and the degreasing agent don’t work.


Composite decking is malleable, meaning it can be easily shaped. This is a double-edged sword. While it can be manufactured easier, it’s also more prone to bending or buckling. Too much exposure to sunlight, high heat, and other harsh elements may change the decking shape. You can prevent this though by protecting the deck from direct sunlight. You can install roof eaves or other shading options to limit the rays of light that hit the decking.

Composite decking material like Timbertech is durable and high quality. But any material can be damaged without proper maintenance. So, make sure that you follow this guide in taking care of your decking.


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