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Garden Arbor Design

A garden arbor is a great way to add visual interest to your yard. Available as a free-standing hardscape feature or as part of a deck, arbors are vertical standing structures with open frameworks. For over a thousand years—from Medieval England to Japan—people have been incorporating these structures into a landscape design. At Creative Fences and Decks, we provide arbor installation to Portland, OR, to enhance your outdoor living space.


Garden arbors offer both functional and aesthetic benefits to your landscape. Depending on what style you select, this structure is an excellent entrance to your garden, provides shade, and is great for growing climbing plants.

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One of the most traditional ways to incorporate this structure into your outdoor space is as an entrance to your garden. The open framework of the arbor entices your guest to walk through, while not completely blocking the view of your garden.

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Adding this structure to a deck is one of our most popular arbor installations. The arbor adds depth to your deck design and provides additional shade. You can adjust the amount of shade by adding more rafters to the design.

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Support Climbing Plants

Use our arbor installations to enhance your landscape design. These structures are ideal for supporting climbing plants, such as roses, ivy, and more. The open framework design allows the vines to weave in and out, keeping the plants upright. The look provides natural charm to your yard.


Our options cover a variety of different styles. Common choices include arched and grape style.
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If you’re looking for a traditional entryway to your yard or garden, we recommend the arched arbor. The classic shape provides charming detail to your landscape. The arched arbor is ideal for climbing plants, which you can use as a focal point of color, depending on your flower choice.

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If you are looking to add dimension to your deck, opt for a grape style arbor. Defined by its flat top, people traditionally use this model to support grapes. We recommend that you implement a grape arbor over your outdoor seating or dining area. The rafters provide additional shade, without completely blocking out the sun.