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Retaining Walls

Creative Fences and Decks offers rock retaining wall construction. These structures are ideal for yards that are on inclines or homeowners who want additional depth in their yards. Retaining walls are a hardscape structure with many functional and visual benefits.


Our rock retaining wall construction services provide your outdoor living space with various functional benefits. They retain soil, prevent flooding, and provide usable space for additional plants.

The primary duty (and namesake) of this structure is to retain soil. In a yard with slopes, a retaining wall ensures that the soil doesn’t slide into other parts of your landscape.

Our Portland, OR, rock retaining wall construction also protects your yard from flood and soil erosion. Our rainy climate in the Pacific Northwest makes us susceptible to flooding and erosion, proving these structures to be a good investment. Designed with proper drainage in mind, they help by reducing the steep angles that naturally occur in your yard.

Whether your yard is small or comprised of multiple hills, our retaining wall designs increase the amount of usable soil space you have. By layering and elevating surfaces, you can increase the number of plants in your landscape.

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We work with you every step of the way during our rock retaining wall construction in Portland, OR. Our team of professionals has been building retaining walls for years and has the knowledge to deliver the look that you want.

One of the biggest factors that will impact your retaining wall design is the material you choose. You have three main options for this: concrete, stone, and brick. For a wall that offers beautiful and natural texture, opt for a stone retaining wall. The addition of this hardscape structure adds eye-catching contrast to any outdoor space.

Enhance the look of the wall by outfitting it with your favorite seasonal appropriate flowers, vases, and other décor pieces.