Deck Construction: 4 Main Reasons to Choose Ipe Decking for Your Yard

Ipe wood (pronounced as ee-pay) has transformed into one of the most popular wood decking materials, and for good reason. This tropical hardwood mainly sourced from Brazilian rainforests has a flawless appearance and high quality function. But these aren’t the only reasons why Ipe decking is the favorite of most people, especially those who live in the country. Take a look at some of Ipe decking’s other great qualities below.


Ipe is a very dense wood. So dense in fact, that it doesn’t float on water. This much density gives it the ability to last up to 50 years, as long as it’s well-protected. This also means that the wood won’t stain, scratch, or crack easily, so it has the potential to remain beautiful for many years to come.

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High resistance to rot, decay, and mold growth

Ipe wood resists rotting and splitting superbly. This ability comes from the fact that Ipe wood contains a high concentration of natural oils in the grain that keep the wood stable while rejecting any factor that may cause internal damage. The wood’s graininess also offers great slip resistance, making it a safer option than many hardwoods. Case in point: the boardwalks of Atlantic City are made from Ipe.

Requires little to no maintenance

Ipe decks are practically okay with being left alone. Highly stable with high mechanical strength, Ipe wood does not require you to seal it—a little mopping and an annual stain cleaning will usually suffice. For added protection, experts advise Ipe deck owners to oil the wood at least once a year to help it repel water and UV rays, as well as retain the wood’s elegant reddish-brown color.


Ipe wood does not absorb heat, so it’s unlikely to get burned by high temperatures. The wood has been given the same fire rating as steel and concrete. This means it resists flames better than softer woods.

Other benefits

Ipe wood can hold up to heavy usage and outlast composite materials. And since the wood is natural-occurring and not composite, it’s a highly environment-friendly deck option.

Interested in using Ipe wood for your deck? Get in touch with deck contractors that specialize in the material, such as Creative Fences and Decks.


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