Deck Contractors Suggest Ipe Decking to Please both Pets and the Eyes

Your pet is naturally one of the most important pals in your life, and you’ll do everything to put their interests first. Therefore, in redesigning an outdoor space, it’s normal to be concerned about how your four-legged companions will handle it.

If your yard’s transformation includes a deck or walkways to and from the deck, try installing ipe decking and heeding the following tips to add appeal and pet functionality to your backyard.

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Use the Right Materials

Pets are able to walk safely on certain types of surfaces. Therefore, it’s important to select the right ones for your deck. Although you may like an industrial look, metal decking is never going to be pet friendly. It can easily absorb sunlight and make the surface as hot as a griddle, which can be extremely excruciating to the paws of a pet.

Choose natural materials, such as ipe wood, which doesn’t absorb heat in the same way synthetic surfaces do. Try to construct an ipe decking void of large gaps between the planks or boards. Small paws fall prey to such gaps, risking injury. Tell your deck contractors about your concern for the sake of your pets and they will apply the proper spaces between deck boards.

Think About Shade

When it gets hot, both you and your pet are going to want to find a cool, shady spot where you can kick back and relax. While there might be other places in the yard, your dog usually prefers to lie right next to his or her best friend, you. So create an area for your pet that’s close to where you would hang out, especially when the sun’s heat gets too unbearable.

Shade can be created with a pergola, awning, garden furniture, or even a well-placed throw or rug. Make sure a water bowl is nearby to keep your pets hydrated.

Invest in Easy to Clean Items

They don’t do it on purpose, but your pets are going to get a little muddy or have an “accident”. So, any outdoor area needs to be well equipped to handle such messes. Choose fixtures, rugs, and furniture that are easy to clean. While talking about rugs on your decking, choose either weatherproof ones or a straw-based material; they won’t grow mold that subjects your furry friends to its inherent bacteria.

If you need deck contractors to help you design a pet-friendly deck made of ipe, contact a trusted decking company for advice.


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