How You and a Railing Contractor Can Improve Your Property’s Value

The railings and fence that surround your property serve more than a functional purpose. They can embody style and elegance, adding unmatched aesthetic value to your property. Make sure these structures speak volumes about your style and sensibilities by taking these steps.

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Assess the Condition

You need to assess the condition of your fence and railings to know if restoration or replacement is in order. For wood fences, examine the posts and each picket. Are they structurally sound or has rotting started to occur? If these signs are present or the entire fence is starting to sag, it may be time to replace it completely.

Check for structural damage and signs of rust for your railings. You may even want to have a railing contractor come out to inspect their condition. They know what strength and structural requirements the railing system is supposed to meet and can give accurate feedback quickly.

Get Them Painted

If the fence and railings are still structurally sound, then they may just need a facelift. You could add a fresh coat of paint, for example, to damaged areas that have lost their vibrancy. For both structures, it is important that you clean the surface before painting so that the coat holds up for as long possible. You can do this by hand or use a pressure-washing device, if you want to speed up the process.

For wooden fences and railings, acrylic latex paint is ideal because it creates an effective moisture barrier that protects the surface from rain or water from sprinklers. It also expands and contracts during temperature changes, something normal paint is not capable of.

Painting metal railings and fences is a bit different because you’ll first have to remove rust, if it’s present. This can be done with sandpaper, and after doing so, you’ll want to apply a rust-inhibitive primer to the sanded areas.

Making your fence or railing system around your property look vibrant again is not difficult. You just need to assess its condition to determine what steps you need to take next. A company that specializes in railings and fencing around Portland can help if you need help with any repairs. Use their expertise to design the perfect structures around your property. 

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