Important Considerations When Installing Composite and IPE Decking

Constructing a deck is a project that will involve a lot of planning and materials. Put some thought into this project and consider these tips. They’ll give you a solid foundation to work with, so you can build the perfect deck for your home that is both practical and stylish.

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Deck Materials

Many people see decks and automatically think of wood materials, like cedar and oak. However, there are many other choices that are just as beautiful and more durable.

Take IPE decking, for example. This exotic wood species is natural hard, resistant to rotting over time. That’s something to consider when looking for a deck that stands the test of time, maintaining its aesthetic value. It also has a class A fire rating, same as concrete and metal. You’ll have a peace of mind when cooking on the grill and spending time with guests surrounded by a romantic fire.

Composite decks are also beneficial, thanks to their plastic and wood construction. Although this material looks like wood, it feels smooth. This characteristic is paramount if you have children who are going to be playing around the area.


Now that you have a good grasp on the materials you have access to, you need to start thinking about the design. This can be challenging for some, but deck contractors are here to help. Using their prior decking experience, they can design a deck that works well with the space around your property.

There might be trees around your house, for example, and they can create a deck that circles these trees. You then have a beautiful centerpiece to look at, whether you are cooking or participating in some family activities.

Contractors have access to many decking materials and can create blueprints. That way, you know exactly what the deck looks life before a board is touched. They’ll also make sure your deck is completely safe by adding durable railings along the side. This is particularly important if your deck is high off the ground.

With a little planning and incorporating the right design elements, you can have an inviting deck full of personality. Summers with the family or winters huddled around a fire pit will be moments you savor, as a result.

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