Increase the Value of Your Home with the Help of Patio Contractors

Deck building in Lake Oswego

Developing outdoor space around the home has several advantages. A residential property with a gorgeous patio or a dedicated space for entertaining guests has more value to potential buyers. Real estate developers say that any form of renovation needs to add more than just a function, but aesthetic quality as well.

If you are looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal, adding a patio or a pergola are some of your best options. Before you start your project, consult with reputable patio contractors and create a plan for the build.


A pergola is a structure in a garden or patio area that may have bench seating. Not quite a gazebo and more than a patio, it makes a landscape statement. When created with a mix of metal, wood, and greenery, it makes an intriguing space. Pergolas contractors know how to choose high-quality materials and where to source them.

Pergolas use a framework of beams or rafters for a roof tied to a set of columns or posts. Although its design is quite simple, a pergola remains top-heavy and must have adequate footing to provide great balance.

Sunlight becomes filtered, and further shading can be obtained by landscaping with climbing plants. Charming in any backyard, a well-planned pergola can become the centerpiece of family activity when the weather allows.


The basic concrete patio can become functional for a barbeque or for just sitting and enjoying the outdoors. In the hands of a master craftsman, it can become so much more. Adding arbors, trellises and coverings can define your style and create a peaceful oasis far from modern life’s busy ways. A variety of paving material exists to enhance the floor. Patio contractors are invaluable in the design phase and can recommend materials that will last a long time.

You can also instruct your contractor to construct the patio in such a way that it looks no different than a room inside your home. If you want it to be a space an outdoor space for socialization, you can incorporate built-in seating with multiple levels. A mixture of wood decking and paver stones increases its appeal too. It does not have to remain a quad shape but can have curves, privacy fencing, and even a fire pit.

Whatever the need or desire a master craftsman can come up with a solution for your backyard. Your outdoor living space can give you years of enjoyment and pleasant memories.


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