Patio Contractors can Help You Create a Private Oasis for Your Home

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Outdoor living spaces have become a must-have to many homeowners. Being able to enjoy nature while cooking, visiting and relaxing gives an uplifting feeling. However, when neighbors or traffic are close by, a privacy fence is often in order. How do you know what type of fence is going to make your patio space look attractive while keeping with the theme of your property?

Choosing the Right Materials

The materials for fencing is no longer limited to wood or brick. For instance, if your home has a stucco exterior, your privacy fence can be formed with concrete to highlight its majestic look. The panels can be broken up with screens or slats of wood to allow ventilation to flow through.

Bamboo and semi-privacy screens are also a good choice for a modern or traditional look. An outdoor space contractor can help to assess what type of material is best suited for your property and your new patio.

Deciding on the Style

The style of a privacy fence is as unique as you want to make it. After selecting the right materials made from wood, PVC, metal or concrete, patio contractors can go to work in creating a spectacular design that brings beauty and privacy to your outdoor living space.

It’s not necessary to have a closed in feeling with solid fencing, though. Overlapping timber, horizontal slats, lattice boards and growing vines are a few suggestions for allowing an open atmosphere to your space.

Designing the Right Proportions

Proportion is necessary to keep your area in balance with the property and surrounding landscaping. Without taking proportion into consideration, a privacy fence can appear monstrous and overbearing for the enclosed space. On the other hand, a fence that is too short and is out of sync with the style of the home can look awkward to passer-byres.

Your outdoor space contractor can make different suggestions on how to best tackle the problem of privacy while keeping the new patio looking grand and appealing. A new patio and a privacy fence can increase your home’s value significantly, but only when it has a professional look.

It’s always a good idea to look at plans for both the outdoor space and the privacy fence to be designed and constructed together. This way, you will be able to see the full effect before the job even begins.


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