PVC vs. Composite Decking—Comparing 2 Popular Decking Material Choices

If you’re in the market for wood-alternative decking, you’ve probably learned that PVC and composite decking are two of your best options. The primary attraction for these materials is that they do away with the chore of cleaning, painting, and staining that traditional wood products often require. Plus, they are also more resistant to rot and splintering, which helps the deck look as good as new for many years to come.

While both products practically come with the same advantages, each has its own set of qualities that make one the better choice for your backyard. Below, you’ll see why more people choose composite decking for their home addition project.

Composite is easier to work with

Composite decking is more flexible to use than PVC. Composite blend can be routed on the edges, ripped down the board, and even bent easily to fit almost any space. You can’t do these to PVC boards, and although the material can be bent, doing so is more labor-intensive, as it requires the use of special tools.

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Composite mimics wood better

PVC technology has taken significant strides, and they look more like wood now more than ever. Despite the fact, they still can’t match the look of wood-plastic composite deck blends. Each PVC plank looks the same, down to the grain patterns and color streaks. Meanwhile, quality composite decking such as Timbertech decking perfectly captures the innate beauty of wood, with authentic wood-grain embossing and natural colors.

Composite is more durable

When it comes to fade resistance, PVC is the hands-down winner. However, it’s worth noting that although composite fades faster, the fade is more natural, giving the material a beautiful, more wood-like appearance than PVC. In terms of withstanding the elements, composite has the upper hand because they expand and contract less than PVC. This makes composite decking the better material when extreme temperatures is concerned.

Which one to choose for your home?

Now that you know what each decking material holds in store for you, hopefully, you have now decided which type of decking to install. If you’re still unsure, you may want to talk to a decking professional such as Creative Fences and Decks to learn what you need to know.


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