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Alissa Jackson

July 13, 2021 via Google

The Creative team built two amazing awnings, one over existing deck and one that included a concrete pad and privacy screen for a new hot tub. Our guys, Vio and Charlie, that worked here were SO great! They were very hard workers and nice to be around for two weeks. I'd highly recommend this team to anyone!

Michael Huser

March 13, 2022 via Google

Creative Fences and Decks did an excellent job from start to finish! Their professional proposal and performance were above my expectations!

Ben Kizer

April 13, 2022 via Google

Michael and Constatine did a fantastic job on our deck and fence, respectively. Creative is not the cheapest place on the market, but they make up for it with high quality products coupled with high quality installation. Our new composite deck is beautiful and with a covering, can be used all year long. The fence also looks amazing with custom gates that really stand out compared to the standard fences in our neighborhood. Someone complained about pulling permits and Michael early in the process gave us the option and was very transparent about it. We obviously had them pull the permits, and I'd recommend that to about 90-95% of people, unless you are truly a DIY person who wants to get into the thick of it. The crew they hire are prompt, friendly and do excellent work. A neighbor stopped by to compliment us on the deck and fence, and asked who we used for future bids. Thank you, Michael and Constatine, and thank you Creative!

Faye Weisler

July 12, 2020 via Google

The Creative Fences and Decks crew just left my house a little while ago. They were excellent. The deck cover is really just what I envisioned. They provided a product no one else offered but exactly met my request, at a very competitive price. The salesman was here at the start and end to ensure I got what he and I agreed to, the owner came over, and the crew went over and above the job. They cleaned up my deck furniture before they left and even fixed a deck door that was dragging that I hadn't even mentioned. 5 stars, and I don't easily give 5 stars.

Jason Lacey

October 13, 2019 via Houzz

The team at Creative Fences and Decks did an amazing job when they built our outdoor living space! They were easy to work with and their craftsmanship was top notch! I would recommend them to anyone!

Matt and Stacey VanDeWalle

February 2, 2019 via Houzz

Creative fencing and decks did an incredible job on my fence! They did it in clear cedar which is normally the most expensive cedar wood you can buy but managed to be very competitive vs other contractors. Super easy to work with and professional. They got the job done exactly the length they said it would take and left my house in better shape than when they started. Also a plus is they have a guy who makes custom steel powder coated supports that go into the concrete and stick out of the ground for the posts to attach to. Other competitors did not offer the same. This allows me to fix or replace sections without having to rip out future posts. I will be using them for future projects and referring them to friends and family.

The Millers

June 5, 2020 via Houzz

As fellow small business owners, we believe in the value of feedback to organizations that have provided us with goods or services. Thus, this communication supplies our feedback regarding decisions made by you and work done by members of your firm to replace out residential decking, benches, railing, under-deck-screening, and adjacent fencing/gate. As a business manager and leader of your team, you have created a highly effective and efficient operation. From our initial interaction with Michael Aylward through each and every subsequent energy, and teamwork, While the concept of “a-well-oiled-machine” has fallen into disuse with the over emphasis on digital-technology, your operation fully deserves the reference as all the pieces work exceedingly well together. While our interactions with you were limited, these interactions clearly demonstrated your personal involvement in all aspects of the business and your charming manner of determining how best to satisfy the customer. It was during one of these interactions where you made two very significant decisions to the overall success of the project: • You selected George Temneanu to be the person who would work with us on this project • You recognized that [your customer] wanted to be involved much more than the usual client in the project and that some latitude for change during the project would be needed—you granted this as well From the first day that George established “residency” in our back landscape until seven weeks later when he wrapped up and moved his tools out, he became the moving force of doing the seeming impossible each and every day. Ed quickly learned that [the client] had two expectations—“perfect” and “strong”—was not satisfied until he achieved both as he planned, checked, checked and perhaps again considered and then went about his activities with a steadiness and focus that can only come from deep character and considerable experience and training. Like a seasoned conductor of a symphony orchestra, he called upon aid when need, but also like the highly-talented craftsman that hi is first, George went from demolition, to building while neighbors viewed what they called the 100-year supporting structure; to laying TREX Decking and Fascia so flat it was hard to tell where it started and where it ended. When time came to layout the lower deck, it was George and Ed deciding together how best to meet Ed’s desire for landscape space with George’s design and construction eye. Through challenge after challenge, he maintained his focus and manner and became a friend. Mitica, we understand that George could not be “George” without the other supporting pieces that you assembled: The excellent clean-up done by the guy that your firm contracts with to haul-away the demolition of the old deck, benches, and railing to his removing all the construction debris. The excellent material and prompt deliveri es of that material provided by Lakeside Lumber. The deliveries to the worksite by members of Creative Fences and Decks when he needed more screws, or specific lumber and/or TREX material. Finally, your firms haul away of excess material at project completion and prompt removal of the porta-toilet Michael staying on top of project changes/additions so they could be reflected in the final invoice. So, in conclusion, it has been a wonderful project with an outstanding result for which we thank you and all members of the team that contributed to this project. Please share this information with them.

Nancy S.

2023-12-30 10:49:08 via Yelp

17 years ago this company replaced the front steps to our home. The Iron Wood that was used remains a beautiful material to this day. During the cold...

Susannah ..

2023-09-28 12:20:38 via Yelp

Creative Fence constructed a trellis fence and another picture frame one in the back yard plus 2 gates. I was impressed by the attention to detail...

Ros T.

2022-11-06 09:39:42 via Yelp

The short story: * Great experience with the initial build. * Terrible lack of responsiveness on the part of our project manager, Michael, to address a...