Ways to Keep Your Fencing Beautiful and Structurally Sound for Years

After a while, your once visually striking fence may have lost its luster. This is natural, especially if it’s made from fragile materials like wood. Luckily, there are steps you can take to give your fence a fresh look, almost as if it was brand new.

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Clean the Surface

Whether your fence is made out of wood or vinyl, you can turn back the clock with a little cleaning. For wood fences, all you need to use is a mild detergent. Apply this substance all over, massaging it in with a scrub brush.

If some of the residues are simply not coming up, consider using a pressure washer. You’ll be able to clean hassle-free, without having to worry about getting your hands dirty or exerting a lot of energy. Vinyl fences are a little more fragile, so you’ll need to avoid using bleach and scrub brushes. Instead, use sodium-bicarbonate-based cleaner and a sponge for gentle cleaning.

Add a Protective Layer

Wood fences don’t last forever, yet you can prolong their life and protect them from the elements. Stains, for example, soak into wood and fill the pores. This essentially makes the fence waterproof.

In order for the stain to effectively soak into every pore, the surface needs to be sanded and cleaned. If you don’t have time to apply these stains yourself, you can always hire a waterproofing contractor to do it. They apply multiple coats as quickly as possible.

You might also consider painting your wood fence to provide it with added protection. Paints form a thin layer that protects wood from moisture. Compared to stains, paints offer more protection against UV rays.

You’ll probably have to repaint your fence more often, though, compared to stains. Perform the splash test to determine if it’s time to add a new coat. This involves splashing water onto a small area of the fence. If water absorbs quickly into the wood, it is probably time for a fresh coat.

As a homeowner, it is important to keep your fence in good condition. Not only does this help you maintain a striking look, but it can save you a lot of money on repair costs. Contractors that work with fencing in Portland are standing by in case you need help with any of the repairs.

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