What Deck Contractors Need to Know about You and Your Outdoor Space

It’s only natural to get excited about having work done to your home, such as the installation of a new deck. Decking can introduce many new uses of your outdoor space that previously did not exist. Usually, homeowners want to get things started as soon as possible when planning new projects. However, there are a few things your deck contractors are going to need to know first in order to exactly replicate your outdoor dreamscape.

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Your Personal Style

Everyone’s personal taste is different, so your contractor will need to know your preferences in designs. This will allow them to recommend materials that will suit your property and needs. Decks aren’t just a one-size-fits-all product. There are many materials available, including composite and ipe decking.

Decking can be painted and finished in a variety of ways. Rather than choosing the first thing you see, spend some time considering what will blend in with the rest of your property and endure so that you don’t have any regrets in the future.

Features You Want to Complement

Unless you have a plain lawn, there are probably some features in your outdoor space that you’ll want to work your decking around. You may have a pool, vegetable garden or layered space, and your deck will need to coordinate with these features, rather than be constructed on top of them.

Your finished space should be usable and aesthetically pleasing, so don’t rush into constructing something that you haven’t had time to fully plan.

Exact Dimensions

You’re not expected to know the dimensions of the decking you need, but your contractor is going to need to check them to avoid mistakes or delays. This means an on-site visit to check out the space planned for the deck. If a contractor says he doesn’t need to see your space first, alarm bells should ring. Don’t rush a project because you can’t wait to get it done. It may find you falling for some unsavory sales tactics.

The Importance of a Consultation

A reputable contractor will explain the importance of consulting with you so that they can find out everything they need to know to progress with building your deck. You’ll first spend time discussing the materials and the look of your deck. Then, the contractor will explain the installation process to you. If you have any questions, always be sure to ask your builder during your consultation so that you are both on the same page.

As long as your contractor knows these important aspects, you’ll soon enough be able to enjoy a beautiful deck and addition to your home.


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