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Privacy Screen Installation in Portland

If you are looking for a little more seclusion near your hot tub or outdoor seating area, our privacy screen installations in Portland, OR, are for you. Outdoor privacy screens provide your home with both functional and aesthetic benefits.


Whether your neighbors are a little too close for your liking or you just want additional privacy, our screens will help you. When we design our screens, we take your needs into consideration. If you want to enjoy your hot tub without feeling like you’re under surveillance, we will design an enclosed space that promotes relaxation. In addition to privacy, this enclosed area will block the wind. This allows you to enjoy your oasis in comfort.

If you want a more secluded outdoor entertaining space, our deck privacy screen installations will surround your deck. You can adjust the leave of seclusion to your outdoor living space with different privacy screen designs. We offer models with varying levels of openness.

Our outdoor privacy screen installations add additional shade to your outdoor living space. Keep your family and guests cool by implementing a screen and placing your patio sofa in front of it. The added protection will keep the sun off your guests’ backs, keeping everyone cool and comfortable.


Outdoor privacy screens offer more than functional benefits—they are an opportunity to add depth to your outdoor space. Use these structures on your deck or in the garden.

Our experienced team knows how to implement a structure that complements your home and outdoor living space. For a contrasting look, add a privacy screen with neutral wooden hues and pair it with a grape arbor framing in a color that matches the trim of your house.

In the garden, a privacy screen with a more open framework is a great way to add appeal. A garden privacy screen with an open framework catches the eye without disrupting the flow of your landscape.

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